Alex Liebscher

Alex Liebscher

2020 Portrait of Alex Liebscher

I am a Research Scientist at BetterUp. Right now I'm working on a core innovation team, where we do a mix of basic behavioral science and cutting-edge technological innovation. I spend most of my time doing the latter.

I graduated from the University of California: San Diego, where I studied Cognitive Science and Mathematics and researched metaphor’s impact on behavior under Ben Bergen and Sean Trott. My passions lie at the intersection of statistics and human behavior, where I can contribute to the development of human-centered, data-driven technologies that positively impact people.

These days I'm living in San Francisco's Mission district. I spend a lot of time going to see live music, art, and local events. I really like to read (I'm currently reading a book from every country around the world). When someone else with a car offers to drive, I like to head up into the forests (backpacking, camping, hiking). For an explanation of my blog’s title, see here.

Tales From Diverse Spaces

The Language I Read That Makes Ideas Fit Together


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